(1)Client Enhancement
Established in 1992, Jines Construction is committed to continuous technical sophistication and innovation, and with courage faces the technical challenges of our projects, so increasing our clients’worth.To provide value to our clients, is the basis of Jines Construction’s existence. Also for Jines to practice its basic principles.

(2) Pursuit of a Happy Jines Family
Personnel are the core assets of the company and that’s where our value lies!While pursuing value for our clients, Jines expects to be a platform whereby staff can develop their self-worth.In addition to efforts to provide our personnel with abundant material basics, we encourage all-round growth and pursuit of own goals.Self-satisfaction is the fundamental pursuit of life.
Jines wishes to be like a big family and hopes to see that every member has the opportunity to achieve their own way in life.

(3)Healthy Earth
Developments in science and technology will take human society into the global village era, however similar developments also allow humans to destroy earth in an era of high speed.Earth is the only home mankind has for its existence. How to maintain and restore the earth’s natural environment and thriving vitality, has become an urgent task for human society.Jines Construction is committed to upgrading technology and to use the new developments to improve and restore the vitality and core energies of the earth!



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