Taipei MRT Neihu Line Box Culvert Improvement Works

Taipei MRT Neihu Line CB423 section works – Gangqian Road old box culvert floor improvement
Neihu Line CB423 section works toward the east from Neihu Road newly constructed box culvert to Gangqian Road intersection and the junction with the original old box culvert.From the convergence point along Gangqian Road to the south for about 50 meters, the old box culvert floor was to match the new box culvert floor elevation.According to the drainage direction, it was needed to improve the existing box culvert floor elevation, at only this section of the box culvert at the intersection, with frequent vehicles, and with many existing buried public pipelines.The box culvert project had a high impact, and the required funding was also high, so were the safety considerations. We combined the use of polyurethane resin to improve the site for the box culvert floor structure elevation work.

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