Power & Nuclear Power Plant


Shi-lin Power Plant
Tunnel Gas Escape


During excavation of the headwater tunnel in Shilin Power Plant, there was a serious gas escape from shale rock mass and explosion event.

Our company used the technology of rock sealing with polyurethane resin injection to effectively control the amount of gas outburst during tunnel excavation.

This allowed the tunnel to continue to be constructed using drilling and blasting, and successful completion of the tunneling project on time.


Da-guan Power Plant
Surge Tank Repair


The reinforced concrete surge tank of the Da-guan Power Plant was severely damaged by an earthquake.

Due to the urgency of repair schedule, our company had 6 working sites, in 24-hour shifts using cement and resin-based grout materials for injection. A total of approximately 4400 cubic meters of cement mortar were used, and around 2300 meters of cracks were repaired.

By completion, the surge tank had been fully restored to normal operation.


Wan-song Hydropower Plant
New Tunnel Project


The Wan-song hydropower plant constructed a new tunnel approximately 7.8 kilometers long. Our company carried out geological improvement operations in collaboration with the project.

This included consolidation grouting, waterproofing grouting, collapsed soil treatment, gas stop and sealing grouting, rock deformation treatment, filling of debris layers, and backfill grouting after completion.

All injection operations were completed as scheduled and with the required quality, successfully achieving the project’s objectives.


Chang-sheng Power Plant
High Voltage Cable Tunnel


Multiple leaks had occurred in the high voltage cable tunnel of Chang-sheng Power Plant. During the leak repairs, it was necessary to take precautions to avoid damaging the existing cable pipes and ensure construction safety.

Our company adopted a composite polyurethane resin injection technology and followed the standard operating procedures to inject the leaks at construction joints, expansion joints, and concrete defects.

Our use of polyurethane composite was highly praised by the owner, foreign company ABB.