Airport & Freeway


National Highway
No. 3 Bi-tan Tunnel


Due to water pressure, Bi-tan Tunnel suffered from cracked road pavement and water inrush. Our company utilized a drainage system reconstruction and polyurethane resin injection technique for fractured rock layers 0-1.5 meters below the ground to seal the joint surfaces and bond the fractured rock layers.

This effectively reduced water permeation and increased pavement slab hardness, successfully eliminating the risks associated with cracked pavement and water seepage.


Taoyuan Airport Runway
Subsidence Repair


The foundation soil of a Taoyuan Airport runway was softened and eroded due to groundwater infiltration, resulting in foundation subsidence, expansion joint mud-spray, and pavement slab cracking.

Our company used the non-shrink cementitious LW grout injection method (CG) for the foundation and jacking injection of polyurethane resin at the bottom of the base plate, effectively resolving the problem of mud-spray on the runway and raising the pavement to its original design elevation.


Su-hua Highway Route 9
Ground Improvement


The Ren-Shui Tunnel and associated evacuation channels on the Su-Hua Highway required ground consolidation and waterproofing before excavation due to loose debris layers.

Our company employed the Double-Packer Grouting method combined with long-lasting SSA chemical grout materials and low-pressure permeation grouting technology to improve the shear strength of the ground and reduce permeability.

This approach successfully met safety standards for tunnel excavation.