Dam & Weir


Ku-Kuan Dam
Repair Project


The Ku-Kuan Dam, an 82.5-meter concrete arch dam, was damaged in the 1999 earthquake.

Repair work included sealing leakage and repairing shear cracks using borehole sampling, percussion echo detection, and polyurethane resin injection grouting.

Grouting of horizontal leakage and vertical block seams was also done.

Shih-Lin Dam
Leakage Repair Project


The Shih-lin Dam had persistent water leakage caused by longitudinal shrinkage at expansion joints despite several failed attempts at leak stoppage grouting.

The company ultimately used elastomeric non-expanding polyurethane resin injection grouting to successfully stop the leakage in January 2000, Leakage did not recur.

Riprap Seawall
Cofferdam Grouting


Originally a riprap seawall at a coastal thermal power plant, grouting was used to transform the seawall into an impervious cofferdam to enable further construction work.

To fill the voids and in sea water environment, grouting materials included: hot bitumen, SilicaShot-A, durable quick-setting material, (water-repellent material). Diaphragm wall thickness 4.2m, depth 13~7m, and length 770 m.

Wan-da Power Plant
Cofferdam Site Improvement


To install an additional generator unit to the Wan-da Power Plant, a new independent water intake facility was needed at the Wan-da Reservoir.

To maintain the reservoir's water storage function during the project, our company utilized grouting tech to form a cofferdam – a water-stopping diaphragm – allowing for construction of the inlet connection tunnel. Ground improvement was also carried out around the water inlet.

Wanda Hydropower Plant


During the excavation of the water diversion tunnel, construction work encountered fractured zones with water inrush and gas escape.  

To address this, our company used a composite sealing grout and polyurethane resin injection to stop the underground water and gas leakage, based on the nature of the emergency.  

Due to the excellent construction results, we were also entrusted to complete the subsequent lining backfilling, rock reinforcement, and curtain grouting. 

Dajia River Power Plant
External Connection Tunnel


Due to the geological conditions of the external connection tunnel at Dajia River Power Plant being fragmented, our company was commissioned to perform pipe roof consolidation grouting at the entrance section of the tunnel.  

We also did exploration of the disaster-prone section with core drilling for investigation, drainage hole drilling, and composite sealing grout for water stopping and consolidation.  

Our company was further entrusted to work with the design plan and construction for the subsequent lining backfilling and rock reinforcement grouting.