Railway & High-Speed Rail


North-Link Railway Line
Existing Tunnels


Our company undertook the renovation project of seven existing tunnels on the North-Link Railway Line. This included strengthening of lining cracks, leakage plugging of structural cracks and construction joints, and filling of lining backfill voids.

The main materials used were silicate resin and polyurethane resin. The work was carried out outside railway operation hours, and a power outage was requested from midnight to 5 a.m. to ensure the safety of the work.


Chong-de and Ching-shui
Railway Tunnels


Chong-de and Ching-shui Tunnels are existing tunnels on the Eastern Railway Line. After long-term use and frequent seismic activity, structural cracks and water leakage had occurred.

In order to maintain the safety of the tunnels, our company was responsible for reinforcing the structural cracks and construction joints, injecting silicate resin into rock fissures, filling the backfill of the lining with cement mortar, and waterproofing the lining.

 All work was completed on time and to a high standard within six months.

South-link Railway Line
Feng-shan Tunnel


There had been a long-term problem of water leakage, as well as cracks and collapses in the lining of 8 tunnels, including the Feng-shan Tunnel No.1 on the South-link Line.

Our company undertook the tasks of sealing cracks in the lining to prevent water leakage, filling and waterproofing of the lining to prevent peeling, and water diversion.

In addition, we carried out self-drilling rock bolt grouting reinforcement in areas where the ground was fragmented to ensure the safety of the tunnel and extend its service life.