Railway & High-Speed Rail


・Repair the existing tunnel of the Beihui Railway

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The company operates seven existing tunnel repair projects on the Beihui Railway. The work includes reinforcing cracks, structural cracks and grouting for construction joints and filling gaps at the back of the lining. The materials used are mainly silicate resin and polyurethane resin. Operations must avoid train operating hours and request power cuts between 24:00 and 05:00.


・Repair of Chongde and Qingshui Railway Tunnel

The Chongde and Qingshui Tunnels are the existing eastern railway tunnels, after a long time of use and frequent earthquakes, there are structural cracks and water leaks. In order to secure the tunnel, the company is responsible for the operation of tunnel structure cracks and waterproofing of construction joints and reinforcement, pouring of silicate resin, cement filling and painting. waterproof All work was completed on schedule and with quality within 6 months.


・Reinforcement of the Fangshan Tunnel on the South Turning Railway

There have been long-term water leaks, liner cracks and avalanches in 8 tunnels, including Fangshan No. 1 on the south side. The company undertook to seal cracks in the lining of 8 tunnels, stripping the lining to add protection. seepage and water diversion of the liner and add inclusion of self-drilling rock bolts and grouting reinforcement into the ground fracture area to ensure the safety of tunnel and prolong the service life