Other Civil Engineering


Metro Tunnel Box Culvert
Inversion and Deepening


Due to the large elevation difference between the old and new box culverts at the junction of the Gang-chien Road section of the Taipei MRT Neihu Line, reconstruction and adjustment were required.

However, due to the frequent traffic and complex configuration of public pipelines on this road section, open-cut construction methods could not be used.

Our company used polyurethane resin ground improvement injection technology combined with box culvert internal inverse grouting technology to safely achieve the bottom level excavation and construction work without causing any traffic impact.


Dragon Sewer Tunnel
Structural Repair Strengthening


The dragon-shaped sewer tunnel, extending from the discharge outlet of the pumping unit at Shizihtou sewage pumping station to the entrance of the tunnel, had multiple cracks due to earthquakes.

This led to the escape of sewage and waste gas, causing environmental pollution. Given the challenging work environment, our company employed both water-based and underwater structural repair techniques.

Geotechnical improvement grouting methods above the tunnel were also used, to repair the structure of the sewer tunnel and maintain environmental hygiene and safety.


Underground Common-use Pipes
and Passageways Repair


Underground common-use pipes and passageways that carry various types of municipal pipelines often experience leakage due to factors such as earthquakes, surrounding construction, and material aging, resulting in secondary construction joints, entry and exit points of underground pipes, and connection positions of manholes.

Our company used regular slant-hole grouting technology, combined with polyurethane resin, hydrophobic/hydrophilic epoxy resin, and resin mortar to successfully solve various leaks and structural damage problems in the passages.


Foundation Excavation
Hot Bitumen Grouting


During the deep excavation of a high-rise building in a metropolitan prime area, severe water inrush and strata erosion due to old boreholes were encountered, which endangered important public constructions and buildings in the vicinity.

Our company utilized hot bitumen injection technology to completely seal off the massive water inrush within 3 hours, effectively preventing any safety hazards or public accidents on the construction site.