Other Civil Engineering


・The drain base plate of the MRT box is deepened by a reversible structure.

The new and old aqueduct junctions of Gangqian Road on MRT’s Neihu Line need to be restructured as the floor elevation between the two is very different. Due to the frequent traffic of vehicles on this section of the road, the configuration of the above public pipeline is complicated and open construction cannot be used. The company uses polyurethane resin site improvement with construction technology. Box type internal reversible design to achieve safe excavation and bottom construction without affecting traffic

・Repair and strengthen the dragon-shaped sewer tunnel

In the sewer section of the Shizitou Sewage Pumping Station to the entrance to the Dragon Tunnel, many cracks in the tunnel are caused by the effects of earthquakes, which cause sewage and exhaust gases to escape and cause environmental pollution. Due to the harsh working environment, the company uses water and underwater structure repair technology and geological improvements over the tunnel to repair the sewage treatment tunnel structure to maintain environmental hygiene and safety.


・Drilling and grouting

High-rise buildings in one of the metropolitan elite areas experienced severe eruption of old boreholes and erosion during deep foundation pits, endangering the surrounding public buildings and structures, the company used. Hot asphalt soaking technology to completely block large amounts of water flowing out within 3 hours to eliminate the occurrence of local safety and public hazards.

・Repair pipes and general underground tunnels

Underground pipe joints and underground tunnels for the installation of various livelihood pipes, secondary construction joints, connecting the inlet and outlet of underground pipes and sewer connection location, often cause water leakage due to construction earthquakes. the cycle and the life of the material. The company uses conventional caulk technology in combination with polyurethane resins, hydrophobic / hydrophobic epoxy resins and mortar resins, etc., to eliminate the problem of tunnel seepage and the problem of Damage to all types of structures