Urban Metro


Tunnel Water Leakage
Repair and Reinforcement


After a period of use in a subway tunnel in Taiwan, construction in the surrounding area caused some water leaks.

The company used polyurethane composite resin grouting to stop the leakage and durable quick-setting FLW grout to fill the stainless steel emergency repair injection port.


Back of Subway Tunnel
Water Leak Repair


During the construction of an underground subway tunnel in southern China, unknown waste had been mixed into the concrete, causing severe leaks and cracking of the concrete.

We repaired using composite of expanding and non-expanding PU resin. The water leakage completely stopped, and only a very small amount of seepage remained at side wall of drainage ditch, which did not affect normal metro operations


MRT Excavation Site
Ground Improvement Works


Horizontal grouting for building protection ground improvement was carried out at the A18 station’s underground passageway with the Taoyuan High-Speed Rail Station.

The project involved horizontal Double-Packer grouting between the excavation area of the underground passage and the Taoyuan High-Speed Rail Station. Through ground improvement grouting, the safety and site stability of the structure’s construction were enhanced.

MRT Connecting Channel
Ground Improvement


Prior to the construction of a certain section of a subway line’s connection passageway, ground improvement grouting was carried out.

Due to the existence of an existing drainage culvert above the connection passageway, the project used a horizontal Double Packer grouting method for waterproofing improvement. Polyurethane resin was injected to increase the stability of the excavated arch surface.

This case used a combination of horizontal grouting and pipe roofing method for ground improvement.

MRT Diaphragm Wall
Waterproofing Improvement


There was water seepage in the track tunnel layer of an MRT line. This project used two waterproofing methods, namely, polyurethane resin waterproofing and Double-Packer grouting for the ground layer, to successfully solve the problem of water seepage in the expansion joints.


TBM Tunneling
Ground Improvement


To improve the surrounding soil layer at the junction of the scheduled opening and tunnel, and to overcome the proximity of TBM drilling and shallow soil drilling and tunneling, site strength and water resistance.

The scope of work was to improve the grouting of the initial part of the TBM launching part of the shaft, the shallow soil cross section and the connecting passageway.

In this work, Double-Packer grouting was used to inject the CB grout and sodium silicate chemical grout into the site to improve strength and water tightness.