Jines Family

Care For Each Team Member

Jines Construction attaches great importance to company management, understanding employees' ideas through a communication system.

A working environment is created in which employees can realize their potential. This creates benefits for our employees and the society.

Maintaining good corporate governance communication channels

Harmonious labor relations is the main key to the company’s growth. Since its establishment, Jines has upheld an attitude of empathy and integrity, committed to creating the best workplace for employees.

Good communication channels are necessary to understand the ideas and needs of employees, so employees and the company can grow together and create a win-win sustainable operation.

Provision of a safe and comfortable working environment for employees

Provision of a variety of on-the-job intensive courses, foreign language courses and computer skills enhancement.

Promotion of employees’ professional skills improvement and the development of their personal careers, so employees can maintain pace with the general environment and enrich themselves.

Management system rationalization

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the Labor Standards Law, and taking into account the improvement of the business environment, we will revise various management regulations in a timely manner to create a humanized management system so employees’ contributions can receive equal recompense and opportunities for promotion.

Participation in group insurance and health check of all employees

In addition to labor insurance, the company also insures group life insurance, accident insurance, etc. for staff, and annual health checks for all employees, so they can enjoy multiple protections and peace of mind at work.

Improved Retirement System/Plan

Retirement methods are formulated in accordance with the Labor Standards Law and Labor Pension Regulations, and pensions are allocated monthly in accordance with government regulations.

The rights and interests of employees are fully protected.

From the community; back to the community

Social contribution is the responsibility of every enterprise. Jines Construction provides free construction services for disadvantaged groups and public welfare organizations with professional engineering technology within its business scope.

Provision of long-term financial support for the construction of orphanages in Southeast Asia and the education and life of local children. In a child’s lovely paintings and letters of thanks, we see the innocence that originally belonged to the child and hope for the future of the world.

We are very honored and grateful to have the ability to contribute to society. We hope to attract more companies to join in the campaign, gathering small forces into greater energy, and keeping the world away from poverty and suffering, so all people can have a better life.