Tou-chien Stream Bridge
Deck Waterproofing


The Tou-Chien Stream Bridge carriageway has four spans of steel deck, with an area of 11,566 square meters. It was designed to be protected by waterproofing membrane.

Our company used an advanced sandblasting machine to remove rust and treat the steel plate surface. Primer was first applied, then modified bitumen waterproofing membrane, which firmly adhered, giving long-term protection.

The work was started in mid-2000 and was finished in mid-2001.

Chei-Lu Bridge
Structural Repair


The Chei-Lu Bridge lies in Nan-tou County, crossing Chuo-Shui Stream and connecting the Chei-chei and Lu-ku areas.

The main span is a cable-stayed structure, and the approach bridges are simple support structures. Due to strong seismic activity when being constructed, structural damage and displacement occurred.

We were involved in the repair project and in charge of these areas: pier cracks Epoxy injection repair, steel plate enforcement, repair of bridge abutments, deck cracks repair, retaining wall cracks repair, expansion joints repair, exposed rebar repair, etc.