・ Reconstruction of the Craft Research Institute's structure

The two main buildings of the Caotun Handicraft Research Institute, designed by world-renowned architect Bei Luming, needed to be reinforced and repaired due to earthquake damage. Due to the difficulty of repairing special structures, the company uses epoxy resin cracking reinforced with sheet steel reinforcement and sealant to repair approximately 1200m of damaged cracks and restore safety to existing buildings. reputation

・ Reconstruction of the structure of Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple

Sun Moon Lake Wenwu Temple is a famous scenic spot in Taiwan, the temple structure was greatly damaged by the impact of the earthquake. shrink to restore safety to the building Later, there were several strong earthquakes, the structure was not damaged.

・Repair of fire building structures

A severe fire occurred during the construction of a public building after the structural safety assessment, the strength of the building was not significantly damaged, and can continue to be used after the structural repair, the company uses e-resin injection. Cracked pox, resin mortar filling, steel rust removal protection layer/iron rust inhibitor, reinforcing scoop, non-shrink cement back injection, etc. to smoothly repair damaged structures and meet safety requirements. of the building