Craft Research Institute
Structural Restoration


The two main buildings of the Craft Research Institute in Caotun, designed by the world-renowned architect I.M. Pei, required reinforcement and repair due to earthquake damage. Due to the unique structural design, the repair work presented significant challenges.

Our company employed techniques such as epoxy injection for cracks, steel plate reinforcement, and grouting for leakage control. With these methods, we successfully repaired approximately 1,200 meters of damaged cracks and restored the safety of this famous architectural structure.


Fire-damaged Building
Structural Repair


A public building suffered a severe fire during construction, but the structural strength was not significantly damaged according to a structural safety assessment and the building could continue to be used after structural repair.

Our company used techniques such as crack epoxy injection, protective layer resin mortar filling, rust removal/rust inhibitor treatment of rebars, reinforcement of lap-spliced steel bars, and reverse injection of non-shrink cement mortar to successfully repair the damaged structural members and meet the requirements for building safety.


Wen-wu Temple
Structural Restoration


Wen-wu Temple in Sun Moon Lake is a famous tourist attraction in Taiwan. The temple suffered severe damage to its structure due to earthquakes.

Our company used techniques such as epoxy injection for concrete cracks, steel plate reinforcement, and reverse injection of non-shrinking cement mortar to restore the safety of the building.Since then, the structure has been able to withstand multiple strong earthquakes without sustaining any further damage.