Underground Structures


Building Raft Foundation
Water Inrush Treatment


An operating commercial building’s basement raft foundation had defects that caused groundwater inrush to carry sediment and seep into the raft foundation water tank.

Water flow was up to 300-400 cubic meters per day, which would cause the base soil layer to be hollowed out and affect the safety of the building.

Our company used a Double-Packer composite grouting method combined with SSA chemical grout and FLW ultra-fast-setting cement grout to stop leakage and fill voids, completely overcoming the water seepage problem.


Guan-wu Power Plant
Water Inrush Treatment


The underground machine room of the Guan-wu power plant had been in use for a long time. A sudden water inrush occurred, which escalated rapidly.

Our company adopted a Double-Packer composite grouting method combined with polyurethane resin sealing technology to carry out treatment work such as sealing water inflow from rock fissures, reinforcing underground structures, and rebuilding surface layers.

This effectively eliminated the danger of water inflow on the sidewalls and foundation, ensuring the safety of the underground structures.


Pedestrian Underpass
Groundwater and Sand Inrush


A pedestrian underground passage in Taipei City suffered from a severe problem of groundwater and sand inrush, reaching up to 2.4 cubic meters per minute, which made it impossible for pedestrians to use and caused great inconvenience.

Our company used ground penetrating radar and ultrasonic testing to identify the root cause of the problem. Various solution methods were applied, such as FLW waterproofing injection, polyurethane resin reinforcement grouting and structural damage repair with epoxy resin.The safety of the underground passage for pedestrians was restored.