Airport & Freeway

Pedestrian Culvert Repair Project

The Pedestrian Culvert, located in Taipei City, was damaged by seriously leakage problem and closed by city government for years. Before repairing, the ground water composed with sand, leakage into with volume of 40 L/sec. The repairing was bided as a turnkey contract. It includes engineering planning and detail design, grouting outside the structure, polyurethane

State Road #3, Bitan Tunnel

To improve the tunnel subsidence, water and fractures, ground improvement was carried out using polyurethane resin grout to a depth of 1.5 meters.Application of polyurethane resin with quick-setting and high-strength characteristics, meant that the day after night work, the tunnel was open to traffic. In this case, the purpose of consolidating the ground work while

Suhua Provincial Highway #9 Renshui Tunnel Construction & Ground Improvement

Suhua Highway Renshui Tunnel (0+371~0+400) and safety evacuation route (0+0+016~105) ground improvement of Renshui and safety evacuation route before tunnel excavation, and consolidation grouting of surrounding broken rock slope.In this work, the Double Packer grouting method was employed for low-pressure penetration, a hardening agent was introduced at low pressure or a splitting method using Double