Tour-Chyan Stream Bridge decks Waterproofing work

The Tour-Chyan Stream Bridge has four spans of steel deck. The steel deck, withan area of 11,566 square meters, was designed to be protected by waterproofing membrane.According to design, modified asphalt sheet was selected as the membrane material, and blasting was necessary before primer application. The work was started in mid-2000 and was expected to

Chei-Lu Bridge Structural Repair Project

The Chei-Lu Bridge lies in Nang-Tou County, crossing Chow-Shei Shi and connecting the Chei-Chei and Lu-Kou areas. The main span is a cable-stayed structure, and the approach bridges are simple support structures. Owing to seismic activity, there was much structural damage and displacement. We were involved in the repair project and in charge of these