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Tunnel Auxiliary Safety Passage Seepage Reduction Grouting

TUNNEL AUXILIARY SAFETY PASSAGE SEEPAGE REDUCTION GROUTING Composite grouting and seepage reduction technology for highly permeable rock formations 1 Project Background  During the construction of a tunnel’s auxiliary safety evacuation passageway, water seepage was observed in the arch roof and side walls over a distance of approximately 310 meters. The geology of this section was


Grout Filling Flexible Joints Between TBM Tunnel and Work Shaft

GROUT FILLING FLEXIBLE JOINTS BETWEEN TBM TUNNEL AND WORK SHAFT Void filling and plugging technology between tunnel structure interface and adjacent strata 1. Project Background Grout : A tunnel had been constructed using TBM method. In order to buffer the interaction between the work shaft and TBM tunnel interface when earthquakes occur and relative creep

Protective Grouting for Tunnel Excavation in Fractured Rock Formation

PROTECTIVE GROUTING FOR TUNNEL EXCAVATION IN FRACTURED ROCK FORMATION Pre-construction pipe-roof support grouting reinforcement 1. Project Background A tunnel was being excavated by drilling, blasting and mechanical excavation. A section of the tunnel passed through fractured rock formations with underground water veins about 62m long. To prevent collapse, water inrush, rockslide and excessive over-excavation during

Underground Culvert Subsidence and Dislocation Repair

UNDERGROUND CULVERT SUBSIDENCE AND DISLOCATION REPAIR Grouting and structural reconstruction technology for underground pipeline 1. Project Background An underground drainage culvert near the MRT caused the dislocation of a pipeline interface due to soil subsidence and other natural events. The severely displaced section was about 10m long and consisted of four 2.5m long D1800RCP pipes.

Reinforcement Treatment of Under-Construction Tunnel Collapse

REINFORCEMENT TREATMENT OF UNDER-CONSTRUCTION TUNNEL COLLAPSE Tunnel collapse and water inrush grouting reinforcement technology 1. Project Background During the excavation of a mountain tunnel, a fracture zone was encountered above the arch line of the workface. Rockslide, collapse and water inrush occurred. The partially completed sidewall supports were deformed by the incursion. Stepwise excavation operation

TBM Launch Site Geological Improvement by High Pressure Jet Piles

TBM LAUNCH SITE SITE GEOLOGICAL IMPROVEMENT BY HIGH PRESSURE JET PILES Geological improvement technology of TBM launch/arrival sites 1. Project Background  A large drainage tunnel in a metropolitan area with an outer diameter of 6.0m was constructed using the TBM method. One of the pumping stations was constructed with a work-shaft with an outer diameter

Cross-sea Tunnel Lining Leakage Remediation Work

CROSS-SEA TUNNEL LINING LEAKAGE REMEDIATION WORK Construction joints, honeycombs and faulty concrete leakage and repair case. 1. Project Background A cross-sea tunnel in South China was constructed using the undercut method. After the tunnel lining was poured and the formwork was removed, it was found that there was leakage at annular construction joints, concrete spalling

Jacking Reinforcement and Steel Mill Vehicle Driveway Subsidence 

JACKING REINFORCEMENT AND STEEL MILL VEHICLE DRIVEWAY SUBSIDENCE Shallow strata resin grout jacking technology 1. Project Background The driveway outside a steel mill was composed of coarse and medium sand with gravel and silty fine sand with organic matter. Due to the long-term pressure by heavy trucks, differential settlement and localized cracking of the rigid

Deep Foundation Excavation Water Inrush Low-Pressure Grout Sealing

DEEP FOUNDATION EXCAVATION WATER INRUSH LOW-PRESSURE GROUTING SEALING Dual-Pipe Grouting Method Inrush Water sealing technology 1. Project Background  The foundation excavation depth of a civil building was GL-23.25m, and the top-down excavation method was being used for the works. When the building was being excavated close to the bottom of the foundation, four water inrushes

Tunnel Under Construction Serious Water Leakage Grout Blocking

TUNNEL UNDER CONSTRUCTION SERIOUS WATER LEAKAGE GROUT BLOCKING-SELF Expanding polyurethane resin water-stop grouting technology 1. Project Background The surrounding geological conditions of a vehicular mountain tunnel were broken quartz sandstone and slate. Although there were rock strata and colluvium-based alluvial layers with a thickness of about 60m in the upper part, due to broken rock