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Ground Improvement

Ground Improvement: Five Different Methods of Ground Improvement!

Ground Improvement: Five Different Methods of Ground Improvement! 1. Concept Clarification: Ground Improvement is not Limited to High-Pressure Jet Grouting Ground improvement: high-pressure jet grouting (replacement method): Effective regional formation improvement Careful evaluation of water sealing effectiveness Water-stop curtain – comprehensive reduction of soil permeability depending on ground conditions – unsuitable ― 2-1. Ground Improvement

Hot Bitumen Grouting Method

Hot Bitumen Grouting Method 1. What is Hot Bitumen Grouting Method?  Hot bitumen grouting is a specialized technique that utilizes a specific type of bitumen that exhibits a liquid state at high temperatures and rapidly increases in viscosity when in contact with groundwater or as it cools. This method is employed in areas with flowing

Single-Seal Grouting Introduction

Single-Seal Grouting Method Introduction 1. Single-Seal Grouting “Single-Seal Grouting(Shallow Resin Grouting Method) is a grouting technique used within 5 meters below the ground surface. It involves the use of small-diameter drilling and small-caliber grouting pipes to inject suitable grout materials into the ground. The aim is to achieve purposes such as raising pavements, structures, and

High-Pressure Injection Grouting Method Introduction

1. Clarifying the Concept of High-Pressure Injection Grouting: High-Pressure Injection Grouting Method: CCP – Small-Diameter High-Pressure Injection Pile (with Cement Slurry or Small Amount of Additives) Commonly used for: Assisting in water sealing of retaining structures (double-row design on the water-facing side/sand or interlayer formation considerations for effectiveness and verticality/counteracting soil pressures on retaining structures) Passive

Sealing Technology for Foundation Pit Excavation In Sedimentary Strata

SEALING TECHNOLOGY  FOR FOUNDATION PIT EXCAVATION IN SEDIMENTARY STRATA Rescue method for sealing foundation pit bottom after large water inrush emergency. 1. Project Background  A 10m-diameter shaft was being excavated by TBM for high-voltage underground cable on the Chidlom Station Outgoing Cable Tunnel Project in Bangkok, Thailand. A sudden emergency occurred when the clay layer

Underground Structure Exterior Wall Waterproof Layer

UNDERGROUND STRUCTURE EXTERIOR WALL WATERPROOF LAYER Hot bitumen grouting technology to form a waterproof layer 1. Project Background A shared pipeline project was constructed by the open cut method. One of the sections could not meet the safety slope requirements for excavation because the adjacent buildings on both sides were close to the excavation surface.

Introduction to Rigid Foundation Precision Jacking Application

INTRODUCTION TO RIGID FOUNDATION PRECISION JACKING APPLICATION Micro-drilling grouting and monitoring technology 1. Project Background For rigid foundations such as rigid roadbeds of expressways, airport taxiways, MRT system track slabs, precision workshop foundations, etc., once the stratum below the foundation is disturbed, subsidence of different scales may occur. After subsidence occurs, the behavior of the

Leakage Reduction Grouting During TBM Tunnel Construction

LEAKAGE REDUCTION GROUTING DURING TBM TUNNEL CONSTRUCTION. TBM tunneling complex leakage reduction grouting technology 1. Project Background After commencing TBM tunneling construction, there were many different forms of water seepage. The water seepage conditions did not meet the criteria required per the contract. In order to improve the construction quality and make the follow-up acceptance

Sealing and Consolidation Grouting of Colluvial Strata at Tunnel Exit

SEALING AND CONSOLIDATION GROUTING OF COLLUVIAL STRATA AT TUNNEL EXIT Exit Dual-tube double-packer grouting reinforcement technology for colluvial rock layer 1. Project Background At the exit of a tunnel was a thick layer of colluvial rock. In order to avoid continuous rock slides on the upper slope during excavation, it was planned to first carry

Pipe Roof Resin Grouting for Tunnel Excavation

PIPE ROOF RESIN GROUTING FOR TUNNEL EXCAVATION Rapid pre-Support pipe roof grouting reinforcement technology 1. Prokect Background At a tunnel entrance there was a poorly cemented colluvial rock block layer about 27m long. In order to prevent the damage of rock collapse during excavation and improve the progress of the project, the construction unit planned