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Water-Stop and Structural Repair in Operating Hotel Basement

WATER-STOP AND STRUCTURAL REPAIR IN OPERATING HOTEL BASEMENT Complex damage repair in an operational underground space ― 1. Project Background After a period of use, the basement of a large chain high-end hotel experienced complex damage on levels B3 and B4, including water leakage, structural cracks, exposed reinforcing bars, and concrete deterioration. In order to

Concrete Shrinkage Gap Contact Grouting

CONCRETE SHRINKAGE GAP CONTACT GROUTING Compact Filling of Spaces between Machinery and Concrete Support Mounts ― 1. Project Background In a hydroelectric power plant, there were shrinkage gaps that had developed between the water turbine draft tube and the concrete foundation during the cement curing process. To prevent potential damage due to vibrations or hydraulic

Preventive Leak-Stop Grouting at Underground Structure Joints

PREVENTIVE LEAK-STOP GROUTING AT UNDERGROUND STRUCTURE JOINTS Deep buried Marshall Pipe double-packer waterstop grouting method ― 1. Project Background A cable tunnel project was located adjacent to a completed underground ultra-high voltage substation. Tunnel excavation was carried out using a shield driving tunneling method. One of the vertical shafts was designed with a diaphragm wall

Underground Corridor Water Leakage Repair Technology

UNDERGROUND CORRIDOR WATER LEAKAGE REPAIR TECHNOLOGY Long-term effective repair method for water leakage in underground in-use corridor ― 1. Project Background In modern urban areas, numerous civil infrastructure distribution pipelines, such as electricity, tap water, gas, telecommunications, etc., are often concentrated within dedicated conduits or shared channels. Instances of water leakage in these conduits can

【Video】Water Inrush Stop Hot Bitumen Grouting Technology for Sedimentary Soil Layer Excavation Site

「The site is adjacent to the MRT main line and elevated roads, and it was being constructed by the Top-Down method, with 6 basements. When excavating the basement floor 4 during construction, an unknown buried pipe that was incompletely blocked in the base was encountered, resulting in serious water inrush at the excavation site …

Basics of Grouting

When we mention “grouting,” do you think of it in the context of building houses? Or perhaps using grout material for reinforcement when there’s a leak inside a building? In reality, grouting is a specialized skill, applicable in large infrastructure such as subways, tunnels, airports, and reservoirs. It’s particularly useful when dealing with water ingress

Repair of Basement Floor Water Leakage in Slab Foundation

REPAIR OF BASEMENT FLOOR WATER LEAKAGE IN SLAB FOUNDATION Elastic epoxy polyimide resin grout material for sealing water leakage ― 1. Project Background A community building underwent a comprehensive excavation to establish connectivity within the basement area. The building’s foundation utilized a combination of slab and raft designs. After a period of time, there was

Treatment of Water and Sand Inrush in Underground Passage Adjacent to Construction Foundation.

TREATMENT OF WATER AND SAND INRUSH IN UNDERGROUND PASSAGE ADJACENT TO CONSTRUCTION FOUNDATION Dual-Pipe Technique Combined with Rapid and Slow-Setting Grouts for Water Inrush Sealing ― 1. Project Background In an underground passage near a foundation under construction, during the excavation of a diaphragm wall guide trench, an unexpected loss of stabilizing fluid occurred. This

Grouting Reinforcement of Colluvial Layer at Tunnel Exit

GROUTING REINFORCEMENT OF COLLUVIAL LAYER AT TUNNEL EXIT Case study of self-drilling hollow rock bolt grouting reinforcement ― 1. Project Background Above a newly constructed highway tunnel, an exhaust/smoke vent tunnel was installed within a cavity. Due to the steep terrain at the tunnel exit location, external level excavation was not feasible. When the flue

Base Level Grout Sealing of Deep Excavation in Coastal Tidal Zone

BASE LEVEL GROUT SEALING OF DEEP EXCAVATION IN COASTAL TIDAL ZONE Water-stop grouting site improvement technology for base level excavation in saline-alkali area — 1. Project Background A proposed ecological landscape-based seawater supply system was planned to be constructed in a coastal tidal zone. It involved the construction of work shafts and diversion channels. However,