Power & Nuclear Power Plant

Shyh-Lin Pressure Tunnel Gas Leakage Sealing Project

During excavation of Shilin headwaters tunnel, there was a serious gas escape and gas explosion which caused the deaths of two people. The problem was rock slips had allowed gas to escape. The owners had contacted a number of international professional firms. They finally adopted our company’s proposal to provide gas-sealing polyurethane resin grouting as

Dai-Kwang Generation Plant Penstock Repair

The Daguan Power Station’s penstock is composed of 50m deep, 6m diameter shafts and two long 80m horizontal water chambers.Due to an earthquake causing serious damage to the RC lining, repair was needed.The repair work had to be carried out deep inside the shafts and each water hamber, and the rapid change in head pressure

Wansong Hydroelectric Power Project

Full grouting throughout the whole tunnel (about 7.8km), including consolidation grouting, water-seal grouting, pumping collapse grouting, gas escape sealing grouting, rock plate extrusion deformation treatment, grout injection into collapsed hole layer and backfill grouting after works completion, and so on.

Ever Power Power Plant Cable Tunnel Leak Sealing

Ultrahigh-voltage cables run along an underground cable tunnel at the Ever Power Power Plant. Therefore, the leakage repair work had to take care of construction impact on the cables and also be aware of the special safety issues in ultrahigh-voltage ducts. This project dealt with leakages including leaking construction joints, contraction joint leaks, and template