Dai-Kwang Tunnel Repair Project

The Dai-Kwang Tunnel is a 3-kilometer-long pressure tunnel, in the center of Taiwan.This project was started in October 1999 and finished on 30th April 2000. The scopeof work included lining cracks, epoxy resin injection, cement grouting, fractured rockpolyurethane resin grouting, and shotcrete repair. The main purpose was to repairseismic damage. The total contract amount was

New Wu – Chie Tunnel Water Sealing Grouting

The New Wu-Chie Tunnel, with length of 3,100 meters, locates in Nau-Tou County,Taiwan.It is a newly excavated water transportation tunnel serving as a hydro-electricpower generating system. During the excavation, several fractured zones under high hydro static pressure were encountered. The inflow rates were as high as 14 tonsper minute. The grouting method included sodium silicate-cement

New Yongchun Tunnel Hot Bitumen Grouting

The New Yung-Chung Tunnel, one segment of the EAST Railway Improvement Project, is a new tunnel excavated using the NATM construction method. The tunnel,with a length of 3,600 meters, connects the towns of Swu-Au and Tong-Au.During excavation, a fault zone associated with a severe inflow was encountered,which in turn collapsed the tunnel. The highest water

Dajia River Power Plant I-B Project

Dajia River power plant Qingshan branch Reconstruction Major Project I-B-beforeexcavation of the tunnel mouth, drilling and consolidation grouting works were carried out.Before excavation of the disaster section, handling of shaft excavation and gushing water, coring exploration, water stop consolidation drilling and grouting (resin, cement and chemical), 4-inch drainage hole drilling were done.After completion of the

Qingshan Rehabilitation Program

The Cangfeng tunnel on Qingshan Plant Road has a total length of 251.6m.Cement grout was applied as consolidation grouting. By drilling, fixed grouting tubes and tight seals,injecting cement grout or cement sand grout, and so on, injecting grout in steps into the rock plate, the strength of the rock plate and leakage were improved. The

Wanta Songlin Hydroelectric Plant Expansion

Wanta Songlin Hydroelectric Plant Expansion–drilling and grouting works forthis project was from the tunnel excavation disaster section, water-stop consolidation, drilling and grouting. The grouting (resin, cement, chemical),gas-seal grouting (polyurethane resin) and systematic backfill after completionof the lining. Our company was involved in consolidation and curtain grouting.