Urban Metro

Taipei MRT Leakage Sealing Work

The Taipei MRT system is a large-scale underground construction. Our company has been involved in many water-proofing and water seal tenders, and has worked with large construction companies, like Rong Engineering Co Ltd, NewAsia Construction, B+B, US McKay, BES Engineering Corporation, Pan Asia Corporation, Continental Engineering Corp, and others, to provide leakage sealing services.Leakage in

Taipei Airport MRT Tunnel Excavation Ground Improvement

Site improvement of connection tunnel at Taipei Airport MRT Station A18The construction site of this building protection horizontal grouting ground improvement project was located in the basement connecting tunnel of Station A18 with high-speed rail Taoyuan Station. Horizontal Double Packer grouting was carried out between the open-cut excavation region and Taoyuan High-Speed Rail Station.Ground improvement

Taipei MRT Tanshui Line Continual Wall Seepage

Tanshui Line ITTX60Minquan West Road upward track rail tunnel continual wall seepage improvement.In this case, Tanshui Line Minquan West Road upward track tunnel gushing water, two water sealing methods were used: polyurethane resin sealing layer and Double Packer grouting, to successfully solve the expansion joints gushing water problem.

Shield Tunnel Ground Improvement Project

Loop line CF640 section shield tunnel with connecting passage – ground improvement works to improve the outer periphery of scheduled openings and tunnel junctions, and to overcome proximity of shield drilling and shallow soil cover. Also, to overcome site strength and water-resistance for passage excavation.The scope of the project was cross-line work, well shield departure

Taipei MRT Songshan Line Connection Channel Ground Improvement

Taipei Songshan Line CG590C sector works CP690 connection channel ground improvement. Songshane Line CG590C, ground improvement grouting before construction of CG296 shield tunnel connection channel. Since there was a drainage culvert above the connection channel, Double Packer grouting was carried out to improve operations. After improvement completion, Pipe Umbrella Roofing was excavated above, and injection