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Grouting Repair for Pool Leakage

GROUTING REPAIR FOR POOL LEAKAGE Swimming pool damage investigation and repair technology 1.  Project Background After a university swimming pool was in use for a period of time, localized cracking, water leakage, and mud inflow around the water inlet occurred. In order to restore the swimming pool to normal use as soon as possible, the

Reinforcement Repair – Airport Taxiway Subsidence Composite

REINFORCEMENT REPAIR-AIRPORT TAXIWAY SUBSIDENCE COMPOSITE The most effective way to improve and reinforce airport taxiway pavement subsidence 1. Project Background After a period of use, an airport taxiway experienced localized continuing subsidence, resulting in flexible pavement cracking.In order to prevent accidents, the operators, especially invited industry experts to study repair countermeasures. The airport was not

Grouting : Water Stop Reinforcement of Ground Strata at MRT Station

GROUT : WATER STOP REINFORCEMENT OF GROUND STRATA AT MRT STATION TBM ARRIVIAL ABANDONED SHELL SECION Confined space double-tube grouting case 1. Project Background Grouting : A TBM was digging to the front of a diaphragm wall of a new MRT tunnel underground station. Due to the complex ground strata conditions and the abnormal pressure

Grouting : Sloping Site Building Raft Foundation Water Inrush Hot Bitumen Repair Technology

GROUTING : SLOPING SITE BUILDING RAFT FOUNDATION WATER INRUSH HOT BITUMEN REPAIR TECHNOLOGY The Technology for Serious Water Leakage in Foundation Slab and Side Walls of Building on Sloping site. 1. Project Background  There were two high-rise SRC buildings in a large-scale hillside development project. Four basements were fully excavated, and the foundation was situated

Leak Stopping Method for Deep Pit Excavation with a Large Volume Water Inrush

LEAK STOPPING METHOD FOR DEEP PIT EXCAVTION WITH A LARGE VOLUME WATER INRUSH. Water inrush stop hot bitumen grouting technology for sedimentary soil layer excavation site. 1.Project Background The site is adjacent to the MRT main line and elevated roads, and it was being constructed by the Top-Down method, with 6 basements. When excavating the

Grouting Reinforcement & Mud-Spray Treatment for Airport Taxiway

GROUTING REINFORCEMENT & MUD-SPRAY TREATEMENT FOR AIRPORT TAXIWAY Method for filling & strengthening ground beneath paving slabs 1. Project Background Grouting Reinforcement : In the rainy season, an airport taxiway had serious mud spray from expansion joints and paving slab cracks. In order to avoid hazards such as foundation hollowing and subsidence under the concrete

Water Inrush Blocking Technology for Tunnel Access Shaft Sidewall

WATER INRUSH BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY FOR TUNNEL ACCESS SHAFT SIDEWALL Method to stop water inrush in shaft excavation. 1. Project Background Water Inrush : When a drainage tunnel was being excavated near the bottom of an access shaft, an inrush of high-pressure fissure water was encountered at the rock formation/fracture zone joint plane.  The water output

Site Improvement Technology For TBM Shaft Horizontal Grouting

SITE IMPROVEMENT TECHNOLOGY FOR TBM SHAFT HORIZONTAL GROUTING The site improvement technology to avoid impact with shallow obstacles. 1. Project Background The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is located on a sedimentary plain with an average elevation of about 2m. The Chao Phraya River runs through the urban area. It is often troubled by floods and

Structural Repair Method Of Fire-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Building

STRUCTURAL REPAIR MOETHOD OF FIRE DAMAGED REINFORCED CONCRETE BUILDING Building Fire Damage Restoration Technology 1. Project Background A fire occurred during the construction of the structure of a building.This caused the structure of the building to be blackened and the surface cracked.In the more serious areas the concrete protective layer had peeled off.  In order

Double Tube Grouting to Stop Water In Saline-Alkali Area

DOUBLE TUBE GROUTING TO STOP WATER IN SALINE-ALKALI AREA Sealing Technology For Serious Leakage Of Offshore Pile Cofferdam 1. Project Background When constructing the foundation of a sea-crossing bridge, double-layer steel plate pile sandwich filled with low-strength backfill material (CLSM) was used as a temporary cofferdam. The piling operation conditions at sea are severe, so