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     1. Water Leakage Repair For Rail Tunnel In Operation

     2. Obstacle Removal In TBM Tunnel Construction

     3. Hot Bitumen Reinforcement Method For Tunnel Cave-in Water Inrush

     4. Grouting Tech For Construction Sites Excavation Water Inrush

     5. Polyurethane Crack Sealant Grout Material Classification And Injection Methods

     6. Grouting Technology For New Tunnel Invert Serious Seepage 

     7. Grouting Method For Blocking Water And Sand

     8. Grouting Anti-Corrosion Technology For Ground Anchor

     9. Grouting Technology to Prevent Leakage From And Carry Out Repairs to Sewers

     10. Double Tube Grouting to Stop Water In Saline-Alkali Area

     11. Structural Repair Method Of Fire-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Building

     12. Site Improvement Technology For TBM Shaft Horizontal Grouting

     13. Water Inrush Blocking Technology For Tunnel Access Shaft Sidewall

     14. Grouting Reinforcement & Mud-Spray Treatment For Airport Taxiway

     15. Leak Stopping Method For Deep Pit Excavation With A Large Volume Water Inrush

     16. Sloping Site Building Raft Foundation Water inrush Hot bitumen Repair Technology

     17. Water Stop Reinforcement of Ground Strata at MRT Station

     18. Reinforcement Repair – Airport Taxiway Subsidence Composite

     19. Grouting Repair for Pool leakage

     20. Grout Curtain Reinforcement Technology

     21. Reinforcement Technology for Complex Dam Leakage

     22. Grouting Improvement Technology to Protect Close Proximity Ground Structure

     23. Long-Term Seepage Treatment In Underground Walkway

     24. Water Tunnel Lining Damage Repair Grouting Case

     25. Reservoir Cofferdam Water-Stop Reinforcement Grouting Case

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